Central Florida Real Estate Brokers, LLC

Enjoy your home.   We have special financing for first time buyers, and we have Lease Options Programs that while you are in your home, you will be building your credit and increasing your credit score.  It only requires a small downpayment, about 3% - 5% and you're going to be in your home.  Our Real Estate Attorneys will be able to restore your credit for you. 


Fabulous  kitchens.

Amazing living rooms.

You’ll be amazed how this works. Many people like yourselves have just had a situation that hurt their credit, and just really need an opportunity to re-establish that credit history, and the best part is you will be buying the very home you are living in.   Once you have a history of on time payments, you are re-established and will then qualify with FHA for the very home you optioned to buy and have been living in while qualifying.     

Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit...You Can Buy A Home